Chakti Yoga is an experience. It is a fitness experience. One that is equal parts Power Yoga, Kundalini, cardio, hip-hop dancing, high-intensity intervals and bodyweight resistance training. It is also a spiritual experience. Chakti Yoga is an opportunity to unplug from your busy life and be free on your mat. Through the thoughtful words of Essential Thrive Owner & Lead Trainer, Lauren McAbee, you will leave a Chakti class full of love – for yourself and others.

What to expect at a Chakti Yoga class:

  • Loud, energetic music
  • Insane energy from trainer Lauren
  • Smiling faces truly having fun
  • All walks of life – every shape, size & experience level will be in the room
  • Lots of spiraling (waking up the chakras)

A key element of Chakti Yoga is the Chakra system. Through the Kundalini movements (think hip circles, spine spiraling, etc.) and concentration on the breath, you are able to connect to your energetic pathways. If you want to learn more about the chakra system, check out Wheels of Life. Chakti Yoga is constantly working to balance and stimulate these areas of the body.

One of the best things to do is sign up for a class and just experience it. Chakti Yoga by Essential Thrive is the only one of its kind in Charlotte, NC. Be open to the power that is Chakti Yoga. You will sweat, laugh and leave feeling empowered.

Classes are every Monday & Wednesday at 6:30pm and Saturday at 10:00am. All classes take place at Move Studio at 1111 Hawthorne Lane unless otherwise noted.

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