“Rooted in Love.” What exactly does that mean? Let me explain. Rooted in Love was born when I realized self love increases the capacity of the heart. Being rooted in love is taking the time, daily, to put YOU first. It’s learning that true love for your SELF is never selfish. It’s knowing that everyone around you benefits when you are rooted in love. ❤

In July of 2016 I made the choice to go completely vegan. Honestly, I originally chose to eliminate animals from my diet for MY health, and I’m so happy I did, but now I’m equal parts happy to support the health and wellbeing of animals. My heart has had a complete overhaul. I now realize how important all animals are to this universe. I’m so grateful for this thriving world we live in, from the tiniest of ants to the giant whales and EVERYTHING in between. We live in an abundant, beautiful, miraculous universe and I want to share that with as many people as possible.

All this being said, I decided to create a community that could support each other in our health journey. The Rooted In Love Cleanse was born. Our April 1 Cleanse will be the third time I’ve hosted this magical experience and I can’t wait to get started.

Through movement (Chakti Yoga), essential oils (doTERRA Cleanse Protocol) and a plant-based diet, I know that we can grow our health and wellness – together. Let me break down these three things for you.

This is the type of yoga I teach four times a week. It is equal parts Power Yoga, Kundalini, cardio, hip-hop dancing, high-intensity intervals and bodyweight resistance training. It is also a spiritual experience. Chakti Yoga is an opportunity to unplug from your busy life and be free on your mat. You can read more in this Charlotte Magazine article or read more about it here.

These oils and supplements have CHANGED my life in more ways than one, but this cleanse kit is PERFECT for resetting your system. It helps you deal with the toxic junk that is built up in your body and clean things out so that you can maximize your health!

Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel. A lot of people are in pain, are uncomfortable and that just breaks my heart. We THRIVE when we eat real, whole foods. This 30-day cleanse is an awesome way to heal your gut, heal your mind and open your heart.



DATES: April 1 – 30, 2018

THEME: Rooted in Love: A 30-day Cleanse using the power of plants to show love to your mind, body and soul. Through the doTERRA protocol, Chakti Yoga and a plant-based diet, Rooted in Love will transform you into a state of mad love.

– Plant-Based (Vegan) Diet
– doTERRA Cleanse Protocol
– Chakti Yoga (attend 6 classes throughout the month if located in Charlotte, NC)
– Daily Mantras and Journaling

– 6 Free Chakti Classes (Valid only during the cleanse)
– Free Rooted in Love custom roller ball blend
– Access to a private Facebook support group
– Rooted in Love Potluck Dinners: April 5, April 27
– Access to Holistic Life Coach, Lauren McAbee for questions/guidance

INVESTMENT: $245.00 + tax (includes doTERRA wholesale membership)
*Email me, lauren@essentialthrive.com, or call 808-938-3188 to get set up with your oils. It’s super easy ????

SIGN UP TODAY!! Join me and the Essential Thrive team of beautiful, bright souls on this journey. We can’t wait <3