CHAKTI Yoga Teacher Training Round 1

Oh, sweet change. The only constant we have is change, and we know this. Yet it’s still scary AF at times. Personally, I am on a roll right now, creating massive change; and there is one in particular that I want to share with you.

As many of you know, the practice of CHAKTI Yoga is near and dear to my heart, and maybe yours too. It’s a beautiful catalyst for empowerment, healing and transformation. I am so grateful for the beautiful souls drawn to the practice.

After a few of them had expressed deep interest in sharing CHAKTI Yoga, the CHAKTI Yoga Teacher Training Program was created to give them a platform to share.

Fast forward to our second training just completed and I found myself in a constant battle with my soul alignment, aka things were feeling off. In one particular moment, one you would think would bring me joy, I was filled with a mixture of sadness and discomfort. My friend and trainee, Niche, “the rule follower” (her words, not mine) was giving her 5th community class, the final requirement to complete the training. The room was filled with loving, new faces and Niche brought it. She shared love and gave the practice of CHAKTI Yoga mad respect. So what’s the problem? If you know Niche it will be easy for you to understand she isn’t meant to operate “in a box.” I felt it before, but I knew in that “light bulb” moment I had to make a change.

You see, in my hopes of creating a consistent training format, I was GREATLY limiting each individual’s authentic code. And let me tell you, uncomfortable is an understatement. It was making me feel sick. I unintentionally put myself in a position I hope to never repeat in life. It was as if I was a governing body of sorts; “You can do this, you can’t do that, you are allowed this, but this teacher can’t do that.” Many sleepless nights later, I watched a Crossfit documentary. Within the documentary, they discussed how the company abruptly changed everything. Overnight, hundreds of thousands were affected by this change, but ultimately it made for a better company and program. Not everyone liked the decision, but it created so much opportunity for the athletes and workers involved.

My point: sometimes you have to make a hard decision because it’s right for your, and others, authentic path.

After literally playing out every scenario possible, I made the most difficult decision I have ever made, but one I know will create a beautiful expansion for all.

The CHAKTI Yoga Teacher Training Program has been dissolved. However, please do not worry because you are in for a treat. Each of the beautiful faces you see above will continue sharing in their own way, on their own path. Many of their practices will be inspired by CHAKTI Yoga, with me FULLY cheering each of them on.

What to expect? Each teacher is taking time. As they come to a place of sharing their practice, I will let you guys know where and when you can find them! A few of the teachers are continuing the practice already, but you won’t see the same name. If you had a particular teacher that you loved practicing with, please reach out to me or them to find out where they are heading. To be 100% transparent, this decision has been hard for some and very exciting for others. CHANGE ASSIMILATES DIFFERENT IN EACH OF US. I’m full of an unspeakable peace, as I release this responsibility and open the door for way more authentic creativity, growth and expansion for each of these amazing souls!!

Working and sharing practice with each of them will continue to be an honor…

As it will look different, we now see eye to eye. Just the way it should be!

If you have read this far, know that YOU are your own leader. Be bold in your gorgeous, authentic expression. And as we shift collectively, be open to the opportunity of endless options before you, that only you can live out. Please cheer on each of these amazing women as they evolve freely and perfectly.